Hi all!

It's hard to believe but it's been 5 years since the last reunion in 2017! With Covid and all, time really stood still and has affected everything we do!

We'd love to see your response if you are interested in having a reunion and what your preferences would be such as a sit down dinner, food truck, time of day/night, type of food, type of event, one night or two, etc.

We're just in the planning stages and know that the fall would be the best time of year to have it to beat the heat!

Please respond asap and we'll get the ball rolling!



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1)   * What type venue? Restaurant? Bar? Ranch? Know anyone who could provide a place at a reasonable cost?

2)   * What type food are you interested in? Finger foods? Catered event? Know anyone who could cut us a deal on this?

3)   * Do you want a mix and mingle? Happy hour before the event? Just dinner/drinks/open bar? Sit down dinner?

4)   * Music? Live music? Piped in Pandora/Spotify, etc? (provided it's an indoor venue)

5)   * Would you want to do a Friday night event as well as the main event on Saturday night?